Monday, December 28, 2009

Normal Music Monday Returns!

It's been a long time since we weren't celebrating any holidays so let us return to a more normal state of things on this blog.

By George! - George Martin and his Orchestra (posted at Easy Listening World)
- In case you live under a rock (or were born after 1980), George Martin was a major part of the Beatles, especially in the later studio only years. Link

Various - Ittie Bittie Rockabilly Doll (posted at rockabillyranch)
- Rockabilly Ranch seems to post nearly a hundred rare rockabilly/classic rock compilations each week, check them out if you haven't. Link

Araconga - Araconga (1975) (posted at France Musik)
- French pop music from the 1970's. Groovy. Link

Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd Plays Montreaux (1971) (posted at QualityBootz)
- What can I say, it's a live Pink Floyd analog audience recording from the early 70's. Expect barely passable audio quality and enjoy it for what it is. Link

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