Monday, December 28, 2009

The Most Disappointing Movies of the Decade

(pictured: GANGS OF NEW YORK)

So puts up their most disappointing movies of the decade list and everyone on the net links to it! I wasn't going to link to it either but I thought that it would make good cannon fodder if nothing else.

1. The latest Indiana Jones movie wasn't any worse than the second or third movies in this series. For this matter, when is a sequel ever not a disappointment? Does that still make it a disappointment?
2. Gangs of New York was a halfway decent movie. Everything that Scorcese touches does not turn to gold so I wouldn't really call this a disappointment.
3. The first Transformers movie really wasn't a great movie so why should the second one have been any better? It amazes me that this one ends up on everyone's worst/most disappointing lists.
4. Ok... the Grinch movie was very dissapointing. Ron Howard directed and Jim Carrey was at the peak of his career.
5. Was anyone really dissapointed by SHREK 3? I thought it was an entertaining movie and certainly pretty good for the THIRD movie in a cartoon series franchise.

Anyway, read on by clicking here and tell me what you think.


  1. Oh, hell yes, I was disappointed by "Shrek The Third." It was terribly written. There's no real story development on our hero's end; Shrek goes and picks the kid up, there's a little not-really-eventful filler (the Donkey-Puss switcheroo is about as anti-entertaining as it gets), and Arthur fulfills his destiny exactly the way one expects from the moment he's pushed in our face.

    That's the key disappointment of "Third:" there isn't a single surprise (aside from Snow White's bird assault, which was in the trailers and I think was the only time I laughed). At least the Girls-versus-Charming story was mildly engaging. But the almost-forgotten TV special "Shrek The Halls" was massively superior simply because it was funny and occasionally warm.

    Not every movie sequel is a disappointment. True, all the Indian Jones sequels have been terrible, but one should have reasonably expected the Spielberg-directed ones to not be THAT rotten, and each one counts as a fresh failure.

    By all reports, the second "Transformers" is a confusing, blinding, migraine-inducing rehash. It is my understanding that audiences could tell what was happening in the first film. (Haven't seen them myself; too busy watching better uses of my time, like "The Giant Claw" or "Beyond The Poseidon Adventure.")

  2. I have not yet seen the second Transformers movie either so I can't comment but the rest of your points are well said.


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