Monday, April 27, 2009

Music Podcasts (continued)

WFMU is another 'public' radio station similar to KEXP but originating on the east coast (New York). WFMU plays a much more eclectic selection of music than probably most other stations combined (if you do know of a station more eclectic than this please let me know!) and they do broadcast live on the internet 24/7. I enjoy a number of music podcasts from this station on a regular basis including:

Anti Static with Mike Lupica - Mike usually features three 'lost' indie rock singles from the 1990's on each weekly show. There is rarely anything played that could be considered mainstream although most of it should have been.

Bitslap with KBC - Just listen to this week's episode (4/21/9) via this popup player and you should get a good idea of what this show is about. Eclectic is too meaningless of a word to describe this great show!

Cake & Polka Parade with Fatty Jubbo - Sparks, Bollywood soundtracks, weird soundbytes, strange orchestra pieces... it's all here and almost too weird for even someone like me!

Antique Phonograph Music Program - This one is much more mainstream if you consider cylinder and 78 recordings from the turn of the last century as mainstream! If you like this stuff then be sure to check out the defunct Thomas Edison's Attic show archive here.

Do or DIY with People Like Us - I don't listen to this show as much as I used to as it is usually, to me, either a big hit or a big miss. But hey, it's free and the only thing that you lose by trying it out is your time.

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