Monday, February 23, 2009

Music From the Vast Wasteland of the 60's and 70's

Tere Mere Sapne OST - Sachin Dev Burman (1971) - posted at Music From the Third Floor
Let's throw another great vintage Bollywood soundtrack into the mix, shall we? Link

Brain In a Box - Various Artists (5 disc set) - posted at Dr. Forrest's Cheeze Factory
Nice collection of tv and movie themes and other mad scientist related music bits. This link is only to the first cd but the whole set is posted at this blog. Link

Supertwist With Zacharias - Twist Fiddle - posted at Evil Pain Clown
German fiddles, saxophones, and other craziness combine to try and cash in on a current craze. Link

Tequila a Go-Go - Richard Davis and the Tequila Brass (1966) - posted at Schadenfreudian Therapy
Suppposedly this stuff was all the rage at some point in time but it sounds kind of cheesy to me now - which may be why I like it? Link

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