Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gumby - Rain Spirits (1957)

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  1. Glad to see Gumby here.....and yes, this is a 1957 episode, and the turning point in the entire series ever when Pokey stars becoming skeptical and a bit cynicalm which would be a part of his persoanlity..'

    This is the scary 1957 episode with Hopi the indian.The odd stock cues from the same Captiol Records library where much more familiar cues came from include
    Original SF-4 [Monorail]/JACK BELASCO
    [Originally from the old 1920s-1940s Samuel Fox Library]
    Original L-????/SPENCER MOORE [From the Spencer Moore-Geordie Hromel Zephyr-Bistro Library; I think my uncle, but a Nick Carras was involved as well]
    Come and get me [CB-8?]/HARRY BLUESTONE AND EMIL CADKIN [the C & B Library/Diane Music]
    Wigwams/BLUESTONE&CADKIN[C&B Music]
    Indian Chief[title?]/yet Another classic from C&B
    First Steps/C&B once again-you can see a pattern-strangely, all of their music is licencable from CARLIN]
    Unknown tribal chants


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