Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup (USA loses to Ghana)

I have to apologize for the rather sporadic posting lately. I have been on vacation for two weeks but a couple of things have drawn my attention away from the blogosphere. The World Cup has kept my attention for the past couple of weeks (at nearly 6 hours per day for the round robin part of the tournament). THe US lost to Ghana (AGAIN!) so now I have to find someone else to root for I guess...

I am also restoring an old arcade cabinet (with MAME) and that project is almost finished - and, oh yeah, it kicks some serious ass! It's an old 2 player Spider-Man cabinet with two joysticks and two buttons for each player and all of this is wired to my computer (via USB port) which is mounted in the cabinet. The cabinet in the youtube video is not mine but I just wanted to give everyone an idea of what you can achieve for a relatively small amount. I had the old computer laying around and I found a free cabinet so I only had to buy a monitor (22 inch LCD for $130) and a few small parts. Cool!

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