Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bizarre Superhero Appearances on Saturday Mornings

I was laying in bed watching youtube videos on my iPad last night and came across a couple of gems that I just had to share here. For the first post today let us get in our time machine and travel back to the groovy 1970's to visit The Brady Kids as Wonder Woman also did!

This cartoon was already pretty goofy on it's own - the kids moved out of mom and dad's house and lived in a treehouse with Marlin the magical bird and two twin panda cubs, Ping and Pong, who only spoke in some weird gibberish language and laughed at mostly inappropriate times. All six of the Brady kids did the voices for the original season but there was a bit of a revolt for the second season (6 episodes) and only three returned.

As far as Wonder Woman, this has to be the most crudley animated version that I have ever seen and they play a laugh track every time her name is mentioned. Incredibly strange but not so much for this time period on Saturday morning I guess. Apparently there were a couple of other superheroes that made guest appearances on the show (Batman for one) but they are not yet available on youtube.

Episode 13 - It's All Greek To Me

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