Sunday, April 11, 2010

Star Wars Uncut Is Almost Finished!

Remember the Star Wars Episode 4 remake about which I posted a few months ago? Well it seems that this project is coming along nicely and should be finished soon. I really can't wait to see this wild and wacky remake, hey it can't be any worse than the 'prequel' series!

If you don't remember to what I am referring, SW:Uncut is a fan developed remake of A New Hope in which the film is divided into 15 second segments and remade by hundreds of different 'fans' (or filmmakers if you prefer). It's sure to be a jumbled up mess of gobbledy-gook and it will probably be near impossible to watch the whole thing in one sitting but it should be fun! There are some samples posted at the link below.


Here is a sample:

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 445 from Jacob Henderson on Vimeo.

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