Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Beatles Animated

The Beatles were so popular that they inspired many tie-ins including this 1965 animated series (wikipedia). Of course none of the actual Beatles were involved in voicing this cartoon but they did use a Beatles song as the theme for each episode. Some fans have even taken this concept a bit further as they created some 'fake' versions of other Beatles songs (see I Am the Walrus below for an example).

Paul Frees was the voice of John and George and Lance Percival provided the voices of Ringo and Paul. Paul Frees should be familiar to Cool-Mo-Dee readers as the voice of many Disney productions, at least one voice in nearly everything that Jay Ward ever did, and hundreds of other roles (wikipedia). Lance Percival is not as well known in America but he has performed in many roles in the UK.

Penny Lane


Rock and Roll Music

Taxman (It's that time of the year in the US!)

I Am the Walrus (this one is a fake)

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