Thursday, February 25, 2010

Team Canada Slapshot Through The Net

Olympic hockey is sizing up to be a great battle between the US and Canada for the gold. Let me throw out my recommendation if you are a sports and not generally inclined to watch hockey because this one may be one for the ages. US vs. Canada in Canada on Sunday (if both teams win their semi-final games. Team Canada is really melding together quite nicely (although it certainly helps to have four San Jose Sharks playing on the same line).

Oops... oh forget the video clip, it looks like it has now been blocked by the USOC. I know that they want to protect their copyrights but really? A few seconds of highlights from an Olympics hockey match isn't going to hurt and it probably would help increase ratings.

I tried to get some video from NBC's site but I am using Ubuntu and I can't run Silverlight... (Microsoft's Windows only streaming video platform)

Well, I guess you can go to and watch highlights of the Canada vs. Russia game here. Even though the final tally was 7-3 it was pretty intense throughout.

UPDATE: Ok, so I watched the CBC video and there are not highlights from the game. Way to go Olympics committee. You need to get with the times.

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