Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jay Ward Productions

Jay Ward founded this studio in 1949 solely for the purpose of producting animation for the evolving media market known as tv. The studio was perhaps best known for creating the Rocky and Bullwinkle show but they are also the creators of the well known, and long lasting, character Cap'N Crunch. The limited animation format adopted by the studio was partially founded as an artistic device but was later utilised by many studios to lower the cost of producing animation for Saturday morning animated fare.

Crusader Rabbit - Episode 1 (1950)

Rocky and Bullwinkle - Opening (1959 - as Rocky and His Friends)

Fractured Fairy Tales - Leaping Beauty (1960?)

Fractured Flickers - Opening With Hans Conreid (1961)

Dudley Do-Right - Opening (1960)

Hoppity Hooper - Pilot (1964)

George Of the Jungle - The Sultan's Pearl (1967)

Super Chicken - Episode 1 - The Oyster (1967)

Tom Slick - Bad Year Blimp Race (1967 - aired as part of the George of the Jungle show)

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