Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons - 2009 Version

6:45 AM
I really have no idea what is on and before I actually look let me predict that it is going to be pretty disapointing...

Disney channel retreads - Hannah Montana, Zach and Cody (blech! this show redefines the word 'sucks'), and then College Football. I would guess that normally something else is on when there is no college football but I would also guess that it isn't cartoons.

Noonbory and the Super 7 - Opening

Busytown Mysteries - Jill Wohlfarth Demo Reel

Sabrina the Animated Series - First Ten Minutes of Episode 1

Zula Patrol - Opening

My Friend Rabbit - Opening

Willa's Wild Life - Opening

Babar - Cruel To Be Kind - First Ten Minutes (Episode 41)

Shelldon - Teaser

Jane and the Dragon - DVD trailer

the dreaded 'Paid Programming'!

We don't have a local affiliate but I searched the corporate site and I couldn't any SaturDAY programming (meaning that it seems that they do not program on Saturdays).

7:15 AM
Eek! It is bad but much of this is due to competition from the 24 hour cable cartoon channels which are featuring some great programming. Most of the stuff that I looked at this morning is of very limited animation/extremely poor computer graphics or retreads from other networks. Are today's kids going to have any fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons like we do?

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  1. Every single one of these shows sucks. What has happened to Saturday morning. These poor kids...


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