Monday, December 28, 2009

empeefree's top 10 posts of 2009

It has been a pretty good year over at our companion blog so let us run down the top postings for the year:

1. U-Spaces Psychedelic Archaeology - a great collection of psychedelic tunes from this Yahoo group. The Chocoreve links may be dead but the group lives on and has published a number of excellent compilations to date.

2. Pearl Jam - Atlanta - April 3, 1994 - a fantastic live set from Pearl Jam that was broadcast on the radio.

3. Sex, Sleaze & Soul (A Collection of Vintage Porno Funk Tracks) - a fun collection of 70's porno funk tunes.

4. Mystic Astrological Crystal Band - ST (1968) - trippy psychedelic music

5. Joy Division - Les Bains Douches - December 18, 1979 - nice live set from one of my favorite post-punk bands (that later went on to form NEW ORDER)

6. Various Artists - Frolic Diner Volume 4 (???) - 'stripper' instrumentals. I see that I must be getting lots of hits from people surfing for pornography!

7. Public Image Ltd. - Commercial Zone (1981) + 2 live sets - good stuff from John Lydon's (Johnny Rotten) post Sex Pistols outfit.

8. Beatles Alternate Anthology I - a good set of studio and live outtakes. Don;t forget to get set II and III.

9. Wire - The Complete Peel Sessions

10. Led Zeppelin - Live at Earl's Court (20 FLAC CD's!) - Gigantic set of classic rock goodness.

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