Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Decade of the DVR

The PVRBlog has proclaimed the 2000's the decade of the DVR and I can't argue. This device has literally changed the way that my family watches tv and we have had a DVR since the first Tivo's - First Tivo, then a very short stint with the Motorola cable company unit, then a couple of Replay TV's, and then three or four different Dish network DVR's before we settled on two VIP-622's. I still think that TIVO was the best but I can't say that I am happy with their present marketing strategy (i.e. sue everyone who makes a DVR) and I have to have the satellite receiver integration so I am stuck with Dish network DVR's for now. I notice that when watching some cable networks there are sometimes up to EIGHT MINUTES OF COMMERCIALS in one block so I would probably not even watch those shows if I did not have a DVR.

What about my readers? Any thoughts on this issue?


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