Friday, December 25, 2009

The Dark Side of the Xmas Tree

Well this one is definitely different. I was expecting some Pink Floyd soundalikes but it's nothing quite like that.

01 The Space Negros - Jingle Hell.mp3
02 The Space Negros - We Wish You A Lousy Xmas.mp3
03 The Space Negros - Deck The Halls (With Poison Sumac).mp3
04 The Space Negros - Silent Fright.mp3
05 Magic Mose And His Royal Rockers featuring 'Blind Sam' - Have Yourselves A Groovy Little Solstice.mp3
06 Magic Mose And His Royal Rockers featuring 'Blind Sam' - I'm Dreaming Of A Noir Xmas.mp3
07 Erik Lindgren - A Special Personalized Christmas Greeting To You From All The Retailers Of America.mp3
08 Erik Lindgren - Ho Ho Ho.mp3
09 The Jethros - Frosty The Snow Plow.mp3
10 The Jethros - Walking Thru A Winter Blunderland.mp3
11 The Jethros - We Wished You A Merry Xmas.mp3
12 The Jethros - Silent, Night.mp3
13 The Jethros - O Wooly Town Of Buffalehem.mp3
14 The Jethros - Merry Fucking Xmas.mp3
15 The Jethros - Let It Snow $3.mp3
16 The Jethros - O, Come On All Ye Faithful.mp3
17 The Jethros - I'm Dreaming Of A Wide Xmas.mp3
18 The Jethros - Wreck The Halls.mp3
19 The Jethros - Little Bummer Boy.mp3
20 The Jethros - Slivered Bells.mp3
21 The Jethros - We Be Kings.mp3
22 The Jethros - The Last Noel.mp3
23 The Jethros - Have A Holly Golly Xmas.mp3
24 The Jethros - Slay Ride.mp3
25 The Jethros - I'll Be Gnome For Xmas.mp3


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