Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Music 2009 - Part 3

Rich Little's Christmas Carol - OST (1978) (posted at Dartman's World of Wonder)
This HBO show aired during the Christmas season for a number of years before dissapearing entirely. Rich Little was big stuff back then but his schtick got a little old after a while. Link

Various Artists - the 2008 Christmas Mix (2008) (posted at The Tuna Melt)
A fun homemade compilation featuring everyone from James Brown to the Screaming Santas. Link

Various Artists - A Franklin Mint Jazzy-Funky-Rock 'n Rollin' Christmas Compilation (posted at The Franklin Mint)
Another fine compilation featuring The Jackson 5ive, T. Rex, and the Ventures. Link

Various Artists - Christmas With the Lounge Legends (posted at Lounge Legends)
Another excellent homemade compilation (this must be the year of the homemade Christmas compilation). Link

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