Monday, November 2, 2009

Music Blogs That I Have Been Following Lately

Now that the Halloween Countdown is over it's time to move back into a more normal posting routine but instead of posting music this week I am going to post links to some of my favorite music blogs from the past month or so.

A Closet of Curiosities - lots of "world" music and other eclectics (last three posts: Karaikudi Subramaniam and Trichy Sankaran - Sunada, Eduard Brunner - Dal niente, various artists compilation - Solo Brass: New Perspectives)

Baistophe - lots of fringe pop culture stuff here (last three posts: The Art of Noise, Isaac Hayes, Alain Souchon)

Be Independent - lots of great indie music, all of which is new (last three posts: Sunflower Caravan, Real Estate, Mew)

homemade lofi psych - lots of home made psych here and no big label stuff! (last three posts: Manik Myk Thompson - Manik Digressions (1991-1995), THE WHEN MCGRUFF WAS KING "The Greatest of TWMWK 1999-2009", Demis CousCous and Friends - The Monkey Western)

Global Groove - lots of 'world' music - check out their cool homemade GLOBAL SAMPLER series (last three posts: Global Sampler Vol. 28, Mbilia Bel, Os Bambas)

Mutant Sounds - weird, wacky, wild - nothing normal or ordinary here (last three posts: hell, it doesn't matter, you've probably never heard of them!)

nyctaper - this guy sees EVERY cool indie show in New York City (or so it seems) and he records them and shares on his blog - great quality bootlegs! (last three posts: Unicycle Loves You, Surfer Blood, Kittens Ablaze)

Paradise of Garage Comps - well, it's a virtual paradise of garage compilations I guess! (last three posts: Arriva La Bomba - Italian Garage Bands, Messa Dei Giovani - More Italian Garage Bands, Swinging Mademoiselle - French Girl Groups from the 60's)

Rockabilly Ranch - lots and lots of great classic rock posts every day - mostly 50's doo-wop and stuff from that era (last three posts: Jungle Exotica, Vol 1, Classic Old Time Music On Okeh, Bobby Rydell - Complete Bobby Rydell on Capitol)

And last, but certainly not least, don't forget to head over to the most massive and best music blog aggregator - PROGNOTFROG. The site collects the output from many MP3 blogs and presents them to you in a couple of nice layouts (with cover scans normally). Really cool!

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