Thursday, September 10, 2009

The World of Sid and Marty Krofft (Amusement Park In Atlanta, Georgia)

Children of the 70's growing up in the south had a unique, although brief, opportunity to enter the actual world of Sid and Marty Krofft through the doors of their short-lived amusement park in downtown Atlanta.

Opening in May of 1976 and closing only four short months later, the park featured four 'areas' including a forest land (Living Island Adventure) that incorporated a live show based on their many tv series, a stage area, and a carnival level. Rides included a carousel and a giant pinball machine (roller coaster) in which the riders ride in giant balls and ricochet around the track.

The building is presently home to the headquarters of the CNN cable news network. I think that it was quite a stretch to call this an amusement park as it was quite small and the competition from other area amusement parks that were significantly larger certainly led to this park's rather rapid demise. Four months really wasn't much of a trial period though so I would have to also think that it was probably under-financed.

Someone posted their personal memories of the park on youtube, including a few souvenirs. The audio is pretty crappy but it is an interesting look at this long defunct park.

Link (.pdf article about the park from some Atlanta area magazine)

BONUS: Six Flags Over Texas also had a Krofft Puppet Theater in 1968


  1. How... bizarre... At first I thought you were making this up, but... wow.

  2. I recently found a collectors plate from the park...any idea what its worth, didn't see one on Ebay...thanks....riche

  3. A highlight of our annual trips to Comey island in Cincinnati thru 1972 was a thaeter attraction called (I think) THE WORLD OF SID AND MARTY KROFT. Singers, dancers and pre-recorded talking giant puppets of PufnStuf and whatever other Kroft show was big that season--Bugaloos, Sigmnund, etc. Great stuff in an airconditioned dark theater with lots of colorful lights and costumes!

  4. I remember going there! I was fourteen at the time... the pinball ride was noisy, and fixed-track (so you weren't really "ricocheting" anywhere) but it was fun!


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