Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons - The Cereal Commercials

More often than not I remember the commercials more than the shows so this week let us pay tribute to the 70's Saturday morning commercials! I never think that many commercials were effective on me but I have to give it to the cereal commercials because they worked!

This week we are highlighting breakfast cereal commercials.

Cap N Crunch Double Feature - Crunch Berries and Captain Jean LaFoote/Cinnamon Crunch

Fruit Loops - 1975

Sonny and Gramps - Cocoa Puffs (6 different commercials)

Kellogg's Cereals - It's Gonna Be a Great Day (1980)

Monster Cereals - 1970's - With Mini Monsters in specially marked boxes!

Sugar Bear in Head Over Heels

McDonald's Beatles/PufNStuf Inspired Commercial


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