Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sunday Morning Cartoons

As most of the readers of this blog probably know, we didn't have a bunch of cartoon channels that played cartoons 24 hours a day when we were kids. In fact, we didn't even have one cartoon channel but instead had to rely on Saturday mornings for our big cartoon fixes and other sources for quick fixes while we waited until the next Saturday. Some of the networks, especially the independent UHF channels, capitalised on this idea by showing second (or even third) rate cartoons at other times throughout the week with Sunday mornings and after school being the most popular. From what I remember most of what we saw were public domain cartoons or stuff that had to have been really cheap or sold as a package. A lot of it was pretty crappy but I do have fond memories of many of the Harveytoons. I don't remember seeing any of these cartoons much since my childhood though so I thought it would be a nice feature for this week's installment of Sunday Morning Cartoons!

Harveytoon - Opening

Harvey Films - Closing

Herman and Catnip - Cat Carson Rides Again

Casper the Friendly Ghost - First Episode

Baby Huey - Pest Pupil

Little Audrey - Butterscotch and Soda

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