Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Is Winding Down In the Northern Hemisphere - It's Not Too Late for a Nice Fall Hike

It's still not too late to head over to the American Trails website and find a nice hiking trail. Fall hiking is, to me, generally the best hiking for a number of reasons. The summer heat is now waning, the leaves are changing colors and, as an added bonus, there is usually lots of edible fall fruit if you know where to look.


Topographic maps (US only) are now available for FREE on the internet at: - the search engine for this website sucks! Come on, you have one of the most awesome websites on the planet and you top it off with THAT search engine?

United States Geological Service - This government run agency has FINALLY put topographic map scans online and they are free. You don't have to download their GEOPDF plugin to get them to work.

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