Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rhapsody's Recommendation Engine Sucks Way Worse Than Netflix

There is a Time magazine story making it's way through the blog circuit about how bad Netflix's recommendation engine is but have you ever seen Rhapsody's? Here is a snapshot of Rhapsody running on my desktop this morning:

Check out the recommendations on the bottom. I can understand the Thurston Moore 'similar album' as he is a singer/guitarist in Sonic Youth and, presumably, one of the big creative, driving forces of the band. But Discover More by Earth Wind and Fire? How on earth could this be considered a similar album to a live Sonic Youth album from the late 80's?

For what it's worth though, I do enjoy the heck out of Rhapsody and it is money well spent every month ($13-$15 for unlimited streaming of millions of tracks).

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