Monday, August 24, 2009

Pepe Villa and El Mariachi Mexico - Honeymoon in Mexico

This one has trouble escaping the 'Americanized' label but after listening to the whole thing there are lots of good sounds here.



  1. My father is looking for an actual copy or cd of this album, I was wondering if you actually knew of a place or could let me know where you got it? we have the original vinyl cover but cant find a cd or replacement vinyl. email if you can help i would greatly appreciate it. thanks.

  2. Go to
    Look Under the Channel "ELTUCO25"
    Search Up Pepe Villa In his vids.
    There ARE TONS of songs from them. Look for the album, the picture of it is on the vid.
    You can download and burn the music with realplayer if you download the videos.


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