Saturday, July 18, 2009

Top 10 Saturday Morning Superhero Cartoons

As a kid I don't think that I noticed that most of my late 70's and early 80's favorites really didn't have any violence (come on, superheroes that don't punch the bad guys?) but that probably wouldn't have stopped me from watching anyway! This list mostly represents some snapshot of what was going through my mind during my Saturday morning cartoon years (late 1970's through the early 1980's) and doesn't necessarily represent my modern day judgment.

#10. The Impossibles
A superhero musical group? I tried to keep out most of the 'campy' superhero shows but I always did enjoy this one.

Episode 1 - The Bubbler

#9. The Galaxy Trio
I missed this one during it's initial run but caught it during it's many rerun cycles.

Episode 1 - And the Sleeping Planet

#8. The New Adventures of Batman (with Bat-Mite)
Another one that we watched despite some silly sidekick! The Adam West Batman was running at the same time (in reruns) so it was natural that I would watch this one as well.

The Trap

#7. The Fantastic Four (1967)
I was always a big FF fan so this one was a no-brainer for me. I did watch that crappy 70's Torch-less version too and enjoyed it but this one was better.

Episode 16 - The Micro-World of Dr. Doom

#6. Plastic Man
I don't think that I really knew that this guy was a comic character until the show came along (in the opening credits they say something about 'from the pages of DC comics') and I don't think that I ever read it as a kid but I did like the cartoon.

Episode 1 - The Weed

#5. Underdog
I definitely missed the original run of this one but always loved it in reruns. I can still watch this one as an adult and that speaks a lot for this show!

Episode 1

#4. The Marvel Superheroes Show (1966)
The animation was crude but the show was a rerun staple for many years due to the lack of any other good superhero cartoons in syndication.

The Origin of Captain America

#3. Spider-Man (1967)
I didn't see it during it's initial run but it was a staple in our household during the weekday after school cartoon blocks. That opening sequence was always one of the greatest in modern cartoon history too!

Intro (with Theme Song)

#2. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
Three superheroes with some better than average quality animation? Count me in!

Episode 1 - The Triumph of the Green Goblin

#1. The Superfriends (all incarnations)
If you have ever seen a Cool-Mo-Dee Saturday Morning Cartoon post there could be no doubt

Episode 1 - Rokan, Enemy From Space

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