Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spider-Man - US TV Series - Spidey Unmasks

If you have never seen this show it was just as bad as it looks! But I watched it anyway...


  1. Hey,this was actually pretty cool for it's time,it helps to now have CGI and miilions of dollars to make the web-slinger look real,not thirty-one,thirty-two years ago when they made this and they were forced to do it the best they could on a cheap-ass budget.Just take it for it was,a fine first attempt at bringing the webcrawler to live action.

  2. Good points. I did enjoy it as a child but as an adult it's a lot harder to watch. I just wish that someone would try some more live-action superhero shows for prime-time. I enjoyed Lois and Clark too (although that was more a romantic show than a superhero show).


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