Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Secret Cavern of Read Along Treasures

I think that I may have highlighted this site before but if so it has been a couple of years and I have lots of new readers since then.

If you grew up in the 70's or early 80's you are sure to remember these read along/Power records things. The idea is that there is actual audio from your favorite tv show or movie on a record that you can play at home - - and usually these things also came with a read-a-long book illustrated with either photographs or artwork similar to that found in most children's books. It may sound kind of silly to today's kids but remember that this was the pre-VCR/DVD days in which the actual experience of watching anything that you want to watch again without being at the mercy of your local tv programmers was nearly unimaginable. The Secret Cavern of Read Along Treasures has probably over a hundred of these releases available for your downloading pleasure representing almost every genre - movies, tv, comic books, cartoons, sports heroes, etc.



  1. There's a similar site at http://kiddierecords.com/

  2. hey, where'd they go? I just looked at the site again and it's gone.

  3. darn! That was a good site too. Hopefully it will return...


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