Saturday, May 2, 2009

NBC Saturday Morning 1981

Highlights for this season included three of my all-time favorite Saturday morning cartoons - The Flintstone Comedy Show (I always liked all things Flintstone), The Smurfs, and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Other shows included the Kids Super Power Hour and Space Stars, both of which I did not remember until watching them on youtube - and then I realized that I watched almost everything on NBC during this season.

The Flintstone Comedy Show - Bird Brained (with Intro)

The Smurfs - Opening

The Kid Super Power Hour - Sample live action segments

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends - Opening (and the first part of THE TRIUMPH OF THE GREEN GOBLIN)

Space Stars - Opening

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  1. I should mention for those that are interested, that the Hero High DVD's only contain the cartoons. It does not contain any live action.


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