Saturday, May 9, 2009

NBC Saturday Morning 1965

NBC started kicking it's Saturday morning schedule into full gear in 1965 with the introduction of a few new cartoons including shows starring Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel. Reruns of two ex-prime-time shows, The Jetsons and Top Cat, were also added to give NBC's schedule two and a half hours of animated programming which was up from 1-1.5 hours the previous season.

Underdog continued it's run and returning were Fury (the live action show about a boy and his horse) and Exploring (the educational series).

The Jetsons - Intro (HQ available)

Atom Ant - Episode 1 - Up and Atom (HQ available)

Secret Squirrel - Episode 1 - Yellow Pinkie

Underdog - Cheerios commercial from the 1960's

Top Cat - Black and White Intro - original with Kellog's ad

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