Monday, May 18, 2009

Music Monday's 60's Pop Extravaganza

Various Artists - Beatlemania
posted at FullUndie

How about a nice collection of Motown artists doing Beatles covers? Well, I love Beatles covers so I guess I am posting it anyway.


Various Artists - CDBABY's 60's Pop Podcast

I have not yet listened to this one (I just found it while searching for material for this post) but it looks like a good show based on their playlist. The show seems to feature fairly obscure artists and it isn't all bubblegum.


The Aerovons - resurrection (1969)
posted at Freefall

Late 60's pop with a heavy Beatles influence.


Various Artists - More Rare Bubblegum
posted at Stigma Rest Room

Lots of great rare 60's pop. Don't forget to grab all three volumes (and the password).


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  1. Ok, so I listened to the 60's pop podcast on the way to work this morning and it is kind of a stretch to call it a 60's pop podcast! It was more of an indie-pop podcast and there were a couple of songs that I liked but it really didn't have that 60's pop vibe at all. Sorry.


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