Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Doors Songbook by Mike Curb and the Waterfall

If you were with us on Monday, I pointed you to Zip Your Rip for Mike Curb's Rolling Stones Songbook. Today I wanted to highlight another album from this same blog/artist - The Doors Songbook. Pretty much the same as the Stones album but using songs by the Doors. (duh!)

Within this same post (at Zip Your Rip) you can also grab a Bob Dylan Songbook and a Beatles songbook (from different artists.




  1. Thank you for your blog.


  2. Mike Curb was more the producer than the artist. As The Mike Curb Congregation, he would actually have a Top 40 hit with BURNING BRIDGES, the theme to the Clint Eastwood movie, KELLY'S HEROES. He than became the Lieutenant Governor of California!


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