Thursday, May 14, 2009

Burt Reynolds SINGS!

Who in the hell thought that this was going to be a good idea? Burt Reynolds SINGS??? And hey, I know, let's give him THESE lyrics:

Though your hair is all in tangles
And your makeup is a mess
Most of what you're drinking
Is spilling down your dress

And to keep from falling off
Your barstool's 'bout
All that you can do
I'll make my proposition
'Cause I'm just as drunk as you

Let's do something cheap and superficial
Let's do something that we might regret
Let's do something shabby and insensitive
This might be the only chance we get

You got lipstick showing on your teeth
And a run down your hose
Where you got that cheap perfume
God only knows

Now I'll be glad to have you home
Long before daylight
The sun is your worst enemy
Thank God it's dark tonight

[repeat CHORUS]

Streaming (low quality):

Direct Download (high quality, with B side and cover scan)


  1. You just made my day.... or ruined it - I can't decide just yet.

  2. Listening to that was like being whacked square in the face with a cow patty. It's the kind of performance that makes me glad I'm alive, because I survived the experience of listening to it. Thanks!

  3. I was at a garage sale where there was a John Travolta 45. I had the guy put it on and it was terrible! I didn't buy it. Lots of actors have done awful albums.

  4. I have quite a few more celebrity 45's and will post some when I get the chance - Phoebe Cates, Lorenzo Lamas.... and so forth.


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