Friday, May 15, 2009

The Atom Ant Show

Another Hanna-Barbera creation from their 'golden years,' 26 episodes were created for this show which aired for one year in 1965 before being combined with the Secret Squirrel show for the 1966 season. The show also included segments from Precious Pup and The Hillbilly Bears.

The show does not seem to be available on dvd but most of the episodes are avaiable from streaming sources on the net.

Atom Ant - Episode 2 - Crankenshaft's Monster (HQ available)

Atom Ant - Episode 3 - Gem-A-Go-Go (HQ available)

Atom Ant - Episode 4 - Ferocious Flea (HQ available)

Precious Pup - Episode 1 - Precious Jewels (HQ available)

The Hillbilly Bears - Episode 1 - Detour For Sure (HQ available)

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