Monday, May 11, 2009

60's and 70's Covers

The Rolling Stones Songbook - Mike Curb and Waterfall - posted at Zip Your Rip
It starts off almost sounding like the Stones but the violin that replaces the vocals gives it all away. Just remember, at some point in time, people used to pay money for stuff like this!Link

Hits Are Our Business - The Now Generation - posted at Zip Your Rip
Another collection of 1960's/70's pop tunes done by a fairly generic studio band. Why don't these thigns exist any more? I guess we have that horrible Kidz Bop series... Link

CUERVO GOLD presents 'THE MUSIC OF HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS" - posted at Rangeraver's Departure Lounge
At first I set out to do only covers from 'rock' bands for this post but I couldn't pass this one up. Most modern people won't be so familiar with Herb Alpert's work but just go to any thrift store and look in their album bins and you will find at least a dozen Herb Alpert albums. Link

Million Sellers of the 60;s - (Boulevard 1971) - posted at Charity Shop Stuff
Another collection of 60's covers including the requisite cover tune that is on almost every 60's cover album, Light My Fire. Link

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  1. Thanks for the links. Didn't know about Zip Your Rip - great stuff there. Cool Mo Dee is the ultimate scavenger for great geeky/retro pop culture junk... keep 'em coming.


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