Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tales of the Green Beret (the comic strip)

I love reading the Golden Age Comic Book stories blog because they always make me aware of long lost comic book/strip series like this one by Joe Kubert. Can you imagine someone putting a war related comic in today's newspapers? I certainly can not.



  1. Well, "Doonesbury" is about the only one to even acknowledge there's war going on, let alone the men and women who have been involved in it. (Contrast that with "Mallard Fillmore," which pays lip service on Veterans' and Memorial Day...that is, if self-proclaimed superpatriot Bruce Tinsley doesn't forget.)

    War-As-Grand-Adventure is over, though. It's too subject to be used for propaganda purposes and people today are far too aware of war's reality, even if they can still be suckered into one on a regular basis.

  2. Well put! Thanks for the comment. I would propose that people are going to be even less prone to be 'suckered' into many wars in the future.


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