Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Six Million Dollar Man Toy Catalog

Plaidstallions, the blog that salutes the 70's, has posted a Six Million Dollar Man toy catalog. I would guess that most of my readers probably had a six million dollar man action figure when they were kids? This kind of reminds me of that scene in the 40 Year Old Virgin - 'You have the Six Million Dollar Man's boss?'

Tell us about your collection in the comments!


(I had the original figure and I seem to remember having a motorcycle, the six million dollar lab, and a crystal radio backpack.)


  1. I had a few different toys, including the action figure. My wife actually gifted me with a new/old figure a few years ago, a find on eBay. He sits on the shelf, looking all awesome in his red track suit. Sweet...

  2. Man! I am jealous!

    I have seen replacement skin and bionic parts on the net if you need them.

    That red track suit was pretty awesome, I need to run down to Target (or, better, Goodwill) and look for one!


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