Thursday, April 23, 2009

Portable Multi Video Game System Emulator

Do any of you, my faithful readers, have a device like this? I keep seeing them pop up on Engadget and places like that and I am almost ready to flip the proverbial switch and order one for myself. For about $87 you get this portable device which will emulate almost any 32 bit (or older) video games system on it's 320x240 screen and it will play videos and MP3s. It also includes 4 GB of internal RAM and a mini-sd card slot for increased storage.

Gaming Console Modes:
- NES (Nintendo Entertainment System - 8bit)
- SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System - 16bit)
- Sega Genesis (Sega Mega-Drive - 16-bit)
- GBA (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
- Neo-Geo (SNK Neo-Geo)
- CPS1 and CPS2 (CAPCOM, arcade game systems, 1st and 2nd edition)

Wow! (?)

Link ($87.31 at Chinavision)

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