Saturday, April 25, 2009

CBS Saturday Morning 1981

A few new shows this year include Kwicky Koala, Trollkins, Blackstar, and Zorro was added to the Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour. Now I don't rememeber a single one of them which means that by 1981 I was probably watching another network.

Returning this year: The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show, The Popeye and Olive Oyl Show, The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, and the New Fat Albert Show.

Kwicky Koala and The Trollkins were gone by the spring, to be replaced by an expanded Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show.

The Kwicky Koala Show - In a Pig's Eye

Trollkins - Intro

Blackstar - Intro

Tom And Jerry Comedy Show - Gopher It (from Brazilian tv)

Zorro - Don Diego Becomes Zorro

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