Saturday, April 18, 2009

CBS Saturday Morning 1980

The 'highlight' of this season was apparently lots of reruns from the previous year! Only one new show, DRAK PACK, was shown this year as the rest of the schedule was mostly filled with 90 minutes of THE BUGS BUNNY ROAD RUNNER SHOW and 60 minutes of POPEYE. TARZAN/THE LONE RANGER was a spring replacement for DRAK PACK and MIGHTY MOUSE/HECKLE JECKLE. Being a huge monster fan, I hate to say that I do not remember watching DRAK PACK at all but I was probably starting to get less and less interested in the Saturday morning cartoons by 1980 (I would have been 13).

Drak Pack - Episode 1

Drak Pack - Episode 2

The Lone Ranger - Opening

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