Monday, March 23, 2009

A Voyage to Far Lands (Cool-Mo-Dee Celebrates 'World' Music)

Prinsi Raimund - Lo Stallagio del Leon D'Oro (Italy 1979) - posted at Italian Folk Music
Nice mix of instruments that you don't get to hear very much in popular US music. Link

Various - Africa Roots Vol. 4 (Africa) - posted at Likembe
An excellent collection in from one of my favorite 'World' music locales. Link

S.D. Burman - Adradhana OST (1969 - India) - posted at Parties, Sarees and Melodies
A decent soundtrack album and a good introduction to vintage Bollywood soundtracks. Link

Buddah Bless - Kat Man Du (Thailand) - posted at Monrakplengthai
Nice modern Reggae/Dancehall album from Thailand. Different. Link

Stay tuned all week as we present a new post each day from a new land.

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