Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Clue Club

The wikipedia entry calls this show 'similar to Scooby Doo' but it was much more than that! Only 16 episodes of this show were produced and it first aired as a mid-season replacement for the Scooby Doo show. Not available on dvd but most of the episodes appear to be available on youtube and Boomerang seems to show it regularly. One premise of the show was fairly new at the time - one of the kids stayed at home to help solve the crimes using her home computer, something that was virtually unimaginable at the time for most people.

The show is reviled by a lot of people as a direct Scooby Doo knockoff but the only real similarity is that this is a group of kids that solve crimes. Hanna-Barbera did a lot worse when it came to copying their popular shows!

Episode 3 - The Real Gone Gondola

Episode 4 - Who's To Blame For the Empty Frame

Episode 5 - Weird Seaweed Creature


  1. I used to like Clue Club. I am amazed that only 16 episodes were produced, as it seemed like I watch it for much longer.

    It was okay, definitely better than some of the dreck that was out there!

  2. I know! It's hard to believe that there were only 16 episodes of this show produced and even harder to believe that it is like this for many of the shows that we loved as kids. I do not remember (at all) any of these cartoons seeming like reruns to me! Wow!

    Did you know that there were only 25 episodes of Scooby Doo Where Are You?


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