Saturday, March 28, 2009

CBS Saturday Morning 1977

Highlights this year are a new Mr. Magoo show, Skatebirds (to cash in on the skateboarding craze - of which I was a part - of the late 70's), Space Academy (live-action show with Jonathan 'Dr. Smith' Harris), and a Tarzan/Batman show with Batmite and Burt Ward and Adam West providing the voices for the dynamic duo. Returning were the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour (expanded to 90 minutes by mid-season), The Secrets of Isis, and the Fat Albert show. A variety show called Wacko was attempted but it only lasted for a few weeks!

To put it in simple terms, there was lots and lots of crap on CBS in 1977! Not much of this dreck is fondly remembered and it was pretty hard to find ANY video footage on the net, which is quite an oddity when one searches for Saturday morning cartoons.

What's New Mr. Magoo - Opening (in French)

The Skatebirds - Intro

Space Academy - Intro

The New Adventures of Batman - Intro

Tarzan - Intro

The Secrets of Isis - Intro

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