Sunday, March 22, 2009

American Scary (review)

I just finished watching AMERICAN SCARY, a documentary about the history of US based horror hosts, and I had to rush over to my computer and rant and rave about the show on my blog. Many will probably nitpick it to death if it doesn't include their favourite horror host but it does manage to hit most of the biggies (Elvira, Ghoulardi, Vampira, Zacherle, and many more) and many of the small ones (Hoolihan and Big Chuck/Big Chuck and Little John - one of my favourites growing up in the Cleveland, Ohio area). They did happen to miss a few of my other favorites (Superhost for example) that I would loved to have seen again but there is always youtube for that! Minor quibbles aside, it is still an excellent piece of documentary film-making that is required viewing for every fan of the genre.

Available on dvd and on instant watch from Netflix (excellent quality on my home theater PC).

Zacherle Clip

Ghoulardi Clip

Svengoolie Clip

Vampira Clip

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