Sunday, February 1, 2009

WFMU's David Lee Roth 'Tribute'

WFMU has posted a 'tribute' page 'Diamond Dave Rules the Internet.' Included on this page is a link to a Van Halen rider from the early 1980's with their on-tour demands. These things were created for the promoters to include food, lodging, sound, etc. requests. This one has a few crazy demands such as 'no brown m&m's' and a 'large tube of ky jelly.'

Also there is an isolated vocal track to 'Running With the Devil.' Lots of people are making fun of this and Dave's yelps and howls are kind of comical when digested by themselves but his vocals are actually pretty good.

There is also a David Lee Roth version of Asteroids which is actually quite comical.


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