Monday, February 9, 2009

Wacko Music Monday

Sachin Dev Burman: Gambler (1971) (posted at Music From the Third Floor)
My favorite vintage Bollywood soundtrack blog comes through again. Of course it's the only one that I know of but that doesn't stop me from singing it's praises. Lots of different influences come through in this really nice soundtrack. Link

Juca Mestre and His Brasileiros - Panorama Musical do Brasil (1962) (posted at Loronix)
Another staple in my 'outsider music' quest is the Loronix blog. This blog posts lots of easy listening/lounge/brasilian music from the 60's and 70's. I think that this album is actually better than most of the cheese and dreck of the time period. Link

Warning - Electric Eyes (1983) (posted at Mutant Sounds)
I am not sure if I have ever linked to the Mutant Sounds blog in my blog but if you are looking for some music from left field this one should be among your earliest stops. Lots of European synth, droning noise, and lots of other fringe 'pop' music await the adventurous music explorer. Link

egnekn - The Sounds of Lamination (posted at Boot Sale Sounds)
As urban legend has it, this one was actually created with a grant from John Cage. To me it is a great reason not to give out grants unless you really know exactly where your money is going. This is literally a recording of a laminating machine 'in action.' Link

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