Saturday, February 28, 2009

CBS Saturday Morning 1973

A couple of reruns and retreads and a few new 'bombs' based on hit tv shows of the time: Jeannie and My Favorite Martian speckle this hit and miss, mostly a miss, year from CBS. And let us not forget Bailey's Comets, a cartoon about a Roller Derby team that goes around the world looking for clues that lead to a million dollar prize!

To be fair this was the debut year for Speed Buggy, which went on for ten years and was a fairly entertaining concoction for my childhood mind.

I was unable to find video clips for Everything's Archie.

Bailey's Comets - Opening & Closing

My Favorite Martian - Intro (horrible quality - I can't find any other video for this series)

Jeannie - Intro

Speed Buggy - Intro

Josie and the Pussycats - Episode 2- Make Way for the Multi-Men (complete)

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Fat Albert - Video Montage Tribute to Mushmouth

CBS Children's Film Festival - UK Promo

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