Monday, January 5, 2009

'Weird' Music

Madan Mohan - Hanste Zakhm Soundtrack (1972) (posted at Music From the Third Floor)
The blog's author calls this his favorite Bollywood album so what more needs to be said?

Poco-Loco Guitars Plus Brass - Si Si Senor Bandido (1975) (posted at Heino and Jerry im Uber Space)
One of those really weird 'Americanized Mexican Brass' albums that your grandparents used to listen to when you were a kid.

Al Wilson - Show and Tell (posted at Basement Hideout)
This blog's author calls this a lost soul gem and I would have to agree.

Paul Conrad - Exotic Paradise (posted at Blue Hipster)
Here's another one that someone lifted from your grandparents record collection during their time machine visit to 1975.

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