Friday, January 9, 2009

Tennessee Tuxedo

Tennessee Tuxedo was produced by Total Television and aired on CBS from 1963-1966 (the same company that produced UNDERDOG). The show was sydicated for many years but rarely in it's originally aired format. Occasional back segments in the original run included The World of Commander McBragg, Klondike Kat, Tooter Turtle, The Hunter, and King Leonardo and his Short Subjects (The last three rerun from the earlier King Leonardo show).

Tennessee Tuxedo - A Wreck of a Record (Episode 1)

Tennesse Tuxedo - The Rainmakers (Episode 60)

The World of Commander McBragg - Chicago Mobster

Klondike Kat - Intro

King Leonardo and His Short Subjects - Twinkles and the Haunted House

Tooter Turtle - Quarterback Hack or Pigskinned

Original Closing

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