Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show

Airing from 1979-1981, this Ruby-Spears superhero series was more 'comedy' than superhero and it featured the exploits of not only Plastic Man but also that of Baby Plas and the Plastic Family. Also included in this 'variety show' (variety shows were very popular prime time vehicles in the late 70's) were Fang Face, Mighty May & Yukk, and Rickety Rocket.

There is no official dvd release but it seems that most Plastic Man episodes are available on youtube.

Plastic Man - Episode 1 - The Weed

Plastic Man - Episode 2 - Wham Bam Beware of the Clam

Plastic Family - Episode 1 - Presenting Baby Plas

Baby Plas - Episode 1 - Bad Luck Stroll

Mighty Man & Yukk - Episode 1 - Big Mouse the Bad Mouse

Fangface and Fangpuss - Episode 1 - There is Nothing Worse Than a Stony Curse

Rickety Rocket - Intro

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