Friday, January 23, 2009

The Moby Dick/Mighty Mightor Show

Another strange couple of H-B cartoons, one features the caveboy Tor who is transformed into the Mighty Mightor to fight off lots of prehistoric monsters and the other features a friendly whale that lets two kids ride on it as they go through many adventures. No official dvd release is available but all episodes are available on youtube, many in high quality.

Mighty Mightor
Episode 1 - The Monster Keeper

Episode 2 - The Tiger Men

Episode 3 - The Bird People

Episode 4 - The Serpent Queen

Moby Dick
Episode 1 - The Sinister Sea Saucer

Episode 2 - The Electrifying Shoctopus

Episode 3 - The Crab Creatures

Episode 4 - The Sea Monster

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