Saturday, January 3, 2009

CBS Saturday Morning 1960-1964

We have just finished ABC and are now rolling along to the last and final network (see the old blog posts for NBC). CBS was not a whole lot different than ABC or NBC when it came to Saturday morning programming in the early 60's. Most of the programming consisted of reruns with very little new fare, and most of the programming was NOT animated.

1960's Captain Kangaroo Opening

The Magic Land of Alakazam - Opening Segment

Mighty Mouse Playhouse - Opening With Commercials and Complete Closing With Commercials

Sky King - Intro

The Alvin Show - Intro (1962-63)

Tennessee Tuxedo - Closing (1963)

Quck Draw McGraw - Original Opening (1963)

The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin - Opening

Linus the Lionhearted - Opening (1964)

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